Trainer Trevor to retire after helping over 3,000 businesses

Business Trainer Trevor Edwards arrived at Colbea at the turn of the millennium with over 20 business management experience with several blue-chip companies and his own business development and training consultancy. Nearly another 20 years later and Trevor – famed for his financial sessions – is retiring from his Colbea role working with start-up businesses. We spoke to Trevor about his near two decades with the Colchester Business Enterprise Agency.

Trevor Edwards, Business Trainer

When I decided to retire I tried to think how many start-up business have I worked with during my time with Colbea, says Trevor, and it’s in the thousands – more than 3,000! I have enjoyed working with them so much. It has been brilliant to see people progress from real uncertainty to real positivity in their business.

Trevor was reluctant to pick out particular clients for fear of missing anybody out. Instead, he talked about his vast experience working with inexperienced businesses.

I asked ‘How have I actually worked with these people?’ which made me stop and think. When you’re talking about starting up in business, you have some really complex subjects to cover. But in terms of working with those people who are starting a business, and running training courses, I’ve had to find ways to turn complexity into simplicity.

Trevor set out some simple rules he has tried to follow, I’ve tried to make all the information;

If people are bored, they won’t learn. If it’s too complex, they won’t understand. That’s what has made it so challenging, and enjoyable.

Something that has really helped me over the years is, because I’ve been working with other business outside of my work with Colbea’s start-ups, I’ve seen how big business feeds into small business, and vice versa, and how that breadth of work, that relationship, helps everybody.

Changing Times for Business

In 2001 only 36% of UK households had access to the internet, and social media was barely invented. Today 90% or more household across the country enjoy internet access and social media is ubiquitous. It’s fair to say the business landscape has altered dramatically, how has Colbea changed during Trevor’s time working with the organisation?

I think it’s remarkable, that ability to actually survive all of the things that have happened over the years. And, to have continued to achieve what we’ve been able to achieve after all the changes to the enterprise sector is testament to the really great people at Colbea. The team, the advisors, the trainers, it’s been really, really great working with the team at Colbea.

I’ve absolutely loved doing it (working with start-up businesses). I’ve loved working with people who come in full of passion, full of enthusiasm and full of talent! And to be part of helping to nurture that has been brilliant.

Trevor’s plans after retiring? To take some time off, to move to be closer to family, and to travel.

Everyone at Colbea wishes Trevor and family the very best for all future endeavours.