The Rise of Artificial Intelligence. Do we really all use AI every day?

According to a recent article in The Times*, “AI has the potential to help entrepreneurs be more productive and do things more efficiently.” If that’s true, then implementing AI is surely a no-brainer for every business and business owner. But how? And what even is AI?

But what is AI, or Artificial Intelligence?

It’s not all self-driving cars and robots running wild. You may already use it even if you don’t realise, in fact you probably do use Artificial Intelligence every single day.

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  • Google Maps – predicted routes that analyse traffic movement to provide you with the fastest journey time to your destination, at that precise moment.
  • Auto-correct – it may be annoying when ‘food’ keeps auto-correcting to ‘good’, don’t computers eat? But turn it off for a day and see how much less annoying it than the alternative of always getting it right ourselves (or “alwys getting it tofjt ourslweves”).
  • Spam Emails – Spammers and Scammers aren’t daft, despite their occasionally questionable use of the English language, constantly analysing and updating techniques to help messages beat the filters. The result is our spam filters have to ‘learn’ just as quickly to keep up, while also taking into account what we as users consider trash mail.
  • Air travel – OK, so most of us may not fly on a plane every day, but that doesn’t stop it being an accepted part of modern life. Pilot is one of the top dream jobs for kids growing up, but they may not actually end up doing much flying. These days, pilots on commercial aircraft can fly as little as 7 minutes of a flight, with autopilot doing the rest of the work.
  • Social Media – from Facebook using facial recognition to help us tag our friends to Snapchat using machine learning technology for those fun filters, social media companies are awash with artificial intelligence technologies, with many acquiring small tech companies and integrating these advances into the everyday experience for their users.
  • The assistants in our pockets – Siri, Alexa, Cortana, those helpful voices we can’t do without are all powered by AI.
  • ‘Recommended for you’ – From music, to tv programmes, to a new kettle – recommendation services point us towards the things we want seemingly before we even know ourselves. No prizes for guessing how they do this! Artificial Intelligence.

These are only a small selection how AI has found into our lives. And, as every major nation across the globe is investing or announcing investment in the area, these technologies are only going to become a bigger part of our lives.

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