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Colchester Classics is Hitting All the Right Notes – A Colbea Success Story

On the 4th of January 2006, Liz Leatherdale founded Colchester Classics: a CD, LP and DVD mail order company specialising in Classical music. With twenty years of experience in the Classical music industry – including work for the BBC – Liz puts passion at the heart of her business, addressing potential customers on the Colchester […]

Coscraft, a “national treasure” in Colchester

Storme and Pez started Coscraft – a cosplay supply store – in 2010, after becoming frustrated by the existing options available. “There simply wasn’t any shop that sold what we wanted or catered towards us. After having to go to eBay and make purchases from Chinese sellers too many times, and hearing about our friends […]

Woofs n Wiggles – A Colbea Success Story

Woofs n Wiggles Takes the Lead The proud founder of Colchester-based Woofs n Wiggles, Jenny Parrett was one of the first delegates on Colbea’s Small Steps, Big Changes programme. Jenny worked full -time as a graphic designer but had a passion for dogs and was training in advanced dog training in her spare time. Her […]