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“In the Market for Success” Course Dairy – Workshop 3

To find up more about the full course, or sign up now, CLICK HERE     Week 3 – Creating a unique product In week three of “In the Market for Success” – A unique business start-up programme, exclusively for women, presented by Colbea and supported by the Skills and Opportunities Fund – our focus […]

Coscraft, a “national treasure” in Colchester

Storme and Pez started Coscraft – a cosplay supply store – in 2010, after becoming frustrated by the existing options available. “There simply wasn’t any shop that sold what we wanted or catered towards us. After having to go to eBay and make purchases from Chinese sellers too many times, and hearing about our friends […]

A Big Thank You to our Colbea Ambassadors

Our newly launched Colbea Ambassador programme recognises people who have supported and worked with us to provide training, support and mentoring to local businesses. The continued backing and belief in Colbea of our Ambassadors, as well as their energy, time and engagement, is vital to the work we do in enabling and supporting new and […]