Shannon May Hall – Shannon May Art

Shannon May Hall, Colchester

Shannon May Art – Quirky Designs for the Colouring Inclined

Why did you decide to start your business?  

“I’ve been helping other companies with their own branding as a graphic designer for years, and I thought to myself, “You know what? I should use those skills to make my own brand!” Combining that with my own love of colouring books, Shannon May Art was born.”




Tell us about your business

“Shannon May Art is a quirky design brand, creating new and exciting designs for colouring books and other products – for use by colouring enthusiasts and those who just want to de-stress with some colour therapy.


“My first book release will be ‘Catadora: Colouring Book Designs for the Feline Inclined’ which is a (you guessed it!) cat based adult colouring book, which covers the full spectrum of the cat. From the silly mog that gets stuck in the cat flap to the elegant lap cat. In the future, I hope to expand my range to include more animals, even fantastical creatures like dragons!”





The IM4S course so far

“Taking part in IM4S has helped me to dial down exactly what it’s going to take to give my business the best chance of success going forward. I was under no misapprehension that starting a business would be easy, but now I know that I’m putting my efforts in the right places.”

Facebook: @shannonmayart

Twitter: @shannonmayart

Tel: 07783 475403


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