Sandrine Henry de Hassonville – No Secrets Cosmetics

Sandrine Henry de Hassonville, Saffron Walden

No Secrets Cosmetics – “Handmade by you… Naturally!”

Why did you decide to start your business?  

“Ever since I completed my PhD in Pharmacy, I had the desire to start a business in cosmetics. Having two children at that time, I moved into teaching, allowing me to spend more time with them and to improve my knowledge.


“After a third child and two years of travel, I moved to the UK and started my own company specialised in medical translations. I missed the laboratory and interacting with the students, so that’s when I came up with the idea of bringing together my scientific and teaching backgrounds through providing courses for everybody to learn how to create a handmade cosmetic product!”



Tell us about your business

“No Secrets Cosmetics provides workshops aimed at anyone interested to know how to create a skincare, body care or other cosmetic product – including what ingredients are inside. With the high number of compounds that you can find in your cosmetics, it’s getting difficult to know which one is responsible for allergy or irritation, which one is safe or if they could interact together. Going back to basics and knowing what we are putting on our skin is essential for our health.


“Making cosmetics is fun, and anyone can do it. Our workshops can take place at home or another venue, as well as at events such as hen parties, birthday parties or company events. We will provide all the equipment and materials needed, and you will return home with your unique products and the capability to make more. Thereafter, you can just relax and indulge your skin with a freshly made efficient product.”




The IM4S course so far

As a scientist, I haven’t previously learned much about business and marketing, which are really essential skills in order to build a company. Thanks to this course, I have had the chance to learn new business skills, as well as meeting other like-minded women and finding some fantastic support.”

Facebook: @nosectretscosmetics

Tel: 07729605487


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