What do your marketing materials say about you?

Professional Design Studio Red Rocket Studio will be running a Marketing Materials Masterclass at the Colchester Business Centre in collaboration with Colbea.

9.30AM to 4.30PM

Friday 2nd November 2018

Colbea Central Colchester Business Centre


Are your Marketing Materials sending the right message about your business?

To highlight the importance of a professional brand image across all of your marketing, Ally Wilson from Red Rocket Studio has demonstrated the positive impact of professional marketing, alongside the negative impact of unprofessional, or amateur, marketing.

Both flyers promote the same course. Which would you be more likely to attend?

Make sure all of your marketing materials are on brand and say the right things about your business, thanks to this One-Day Masterclass full of training, tips and techniques used by professional graphic designers – using Industry Standard Design Software.


After our One-Day Masterclass you will be confident using Adobe Suite to:

Friday 2nd November
9:30am – 4:30pm
Colchester Business Centre

£80 + VAT

Learn Professional Design Tips for Creating Professional Materials – www.RedRocketStudio.co.uk

Attendees will be required to bring a laptop for the course, and are advised to contact Ally for advice on the best route to ensuring you have the required software installed. A free 7-day trial for this software is available, as well as other options which Ally will be happy to talk you through.
To contact Ally, email ally@redrocketstudio.co.uk.