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Personalising Your Customer Interactions

Brands are constantly looking to connect with potential consumers, whether trying to grow their audience or retain their market share. The digital age has given business an incredible amount of data on the people who are interacting with their brand in-store, online and on social platforms. Knowing how to harness this goldmine of information, to be able to connect with consumers more effectively, is the key to cutting through all the noise of constant communication.

Here’s how to personalise your approach:

Build a customer profile

Digital marketers have the power to see when and how individual users consume their services as well as the content they want to access. By building up a profile of their core audience from how they like to view their content and at what time, businesses can ensure to feed their customers with exactly what they want, when they want.

Interact on their terms

Every customer interacts with you through their chosen platform, so don’t go talking to a social user via email which is likely to turn them off your brand. Try to respond at the time when the user is active to receive the best engagement and increase the likelihood of a good interaction. Understanding how your customers want to be communicated with is now a vital cog in personalising all correspondence with them moving forward.

Be relevant and useful

Consumers are more digitally savvy than they ever have been and will only seek out content that is relevant to them. This builds a trust with their chosen brands and can drive purchases on the back of it. Previously engaged-with content can signal the route you need to take with your content creation and allow you to map out a content plan moving forward. Be sure that your website links to actionable content elsewhere, so that your hyper-relevant content is not being wasted.

Valuable customer interactions are increasingly impacting the digital landscape and keeping on top of your social, website and your brand’s digital experience is more and more imperative to your marketing plans. 


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