Our Ambassadors

Colbea works with people and businesses on a regular basis. As a community interest company we establish relations with local businesses and public agencies in order to develop the business community and help new businesses grow.

This wouldn’t be possible, however, without the help of those people who go the extra mile in helping us achieve this ambition. These people are our Ambassadors – thank you for helping Colbea be the best it can be!

Angela Berry

Christine Michaelis

Damian Culhane

Dan Hull

Dan Tidswell

David White

Dr. Robert Singh

Deputy Director – Enterprise Research UoE

Gary Hickman

James Howard Dobson

Jenny Parett

John Russell

Karen Woodbridge

Kate Everett

Katie Skingle

Kim Moore

Lorena Zambrano

Louise Hornagold

Lucy Collins

Personal Health Care

Lyndee Oscar

Mandie Holgate

Marc Allington

Mick Hollaway

Nick Kokolski

Oliver Brock

Paul Nutter

Philip George

Professor Nigel Pye

MBA Tutor – UoE

Rachel Joy

Wigs Fitting

Richard Davies

Richard Prior

Roger Hayward

Roy Gover

Business Consultant

Sally Anderson Way

Sarah Grobler

Personal Health Care

Sarah Reed

Seamus Clifford

Sharon Chan


Stephen Warne

Tom Vernau

Video Production

Tony Friedlander

Triss Norman