Lyndee starts with ‘Small Steps’ to found an award-winning business

Osteopath Lyndee Oscar started her business journey as one of the first delegates on Colbea’s ‘Small Steps, Big Changes’ programme. Before founding her own business, Lyndee had a 23-year career as a registered osteopath, working in the private sector and as an orthopaedic and surgical occupational therapist within the NHS.

Working with the Small Steps, Big Changes programme and Colbea’s business advisors, Lyndee founded Kids Backs 4 the Future, a unique service aimed at educating young people and their families to help prevent back pain in childhood.

Kids Backs 4 the Future

Lyndee says: “Kids Backs 4 the Future is a business driven by passion. As an osteopath, it shocks and saddens me to hear statistics such as those that show that a massive 72% of primary school age children are suffering from back and neck pain and ¼ of young people suffer on a regular/daily basis. With increasing use of gaming and It equipment and the added burden of heavy school bags, there comes an escalation of discomfort and poor postural habits in the short term and more serious musculoskeletal issues in the long term. I wanted to make a difference, and Kids Backs 4 the Future was developed to reach and educate as many young people as possible.”

Through the six-week training programme, Lyndee worked with experts in business planning, finance and marketing and had one-to-one sessions with Colbea’s business advisors, as well as attending the Business Innovation Group monthly meetings for additional training and business support. Within weeks, she had launched a branded business, taken on her own office space at the Colchester Business Centre and was regularly featured in the local press for her work in the region’s schools and her campaigning for better postural care.

Lyndee’s vision has since seen her become a well-respected authority by the region’s schools, the published author of a series of books for children and families, the pioneering back care health page in student school planners and the finalist in and winner of many awards including Colbea’s SSBC Best Client Award in 2015,’ Fit For Life’ Essex Education Awards 2015, the Essex Business Boost, the Vodafone World of Difference Programme and the Who Will Care? Innovation Award 2016 and finalist Essex Business Awards Charity Category 2016 and most recently  promoting kids being Back Wise by supporting 2,000 children from 57 primary schools at Colchester Borough Council Crucial Crew Safety Community Educational Event.

James Cracknell, Colbea business advisor said: “Lyndee was the perfect client, and utilised every element of support and information to create and build the strongest possible business platform. Since then, she has made the most of her expertise to develop a highly respected business model that is going from strength to strength. Kids Backs 4 the Future is one to watch and Lyndee is an inspirational business woman.”

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