The Essex Business Accelerator programme consists of 8 weekly online sessions. Perfect for businesses needing a boost.

A series of eight online sessions that supports those entrepreneurs and businesses facing challenging circumstances. The programme helps bridge the gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ by providing foundational business development and innovation skills. A social learning event that will develop your skills and empower your business.

What’s covered?


  • Session 1 – An introduction to the programme: entrepreneurial networks and pitching in general
  • Session 2 – Discovering your drivers: value-led business development
  • Session 3 – Tools for innovation: using the Business Model Canvas and engaging with business model innovation
  • Session 4 – Understanding what makes your customers tick: product-market fit, and business model fit
  • Session 5 – Build a marketing strategy and develop your brand: Empower the language of the business
  • Session 6 – Financial metrics that matter. Cost drivers to revenue streams: exploring the key performance indicators that inform and steer the business
  • Session 7 – Covering the soft skills around presenting and public speaking as well as tools for PowerPoint and creating a solid pitch deck: the role that leadership plays
  • Session 8 – Pitch to impress: a chance to deliver a powerful pitch to an expert panel and showcase the credentials of the business


Who is it for?


Open to all businesses registered in Essex but predominantly aimed at early-stage entrepreneurs (under three years old) who seek growth and want to bring in new opportunities.

When is it?


This training course contains eight online sessions held over eight weeks on a Tuesday morning, 9.30am-12.30pm. The programme starts on Tuesday 10th May and concludes on Tuesday 28th June. Participants should endeavour to attend all sessions.


We’ve helped thousands of new businesses get started and develop. Will you be our next success story? If you would like any further information or have any questions, please contact us on 01206 548833 or email

The Weave

The Weave is an entrepreneurial education business that brings the campus experience to real-world entrepreneurs. Practitioners that deliver fun events that inform and inspire – we develop education that helps entrepreneurs become better at what they do. Our accelerator programmes open up the pathways between the business as is and what it could be. Entrepreneurs in Residence at the University of Essex supporting the next generation of enterprising people.

Director of Business Development James Cracknell Co-founder; mentor, educator and facilitator with a deep network, helping entrepreneurs to overcome limiting beliefs.


Director of Community Engagement Magdalena Mahdy Co-founder; Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Essex. Experienced community builder, facilitator, mentor to students and independent business owner with a passion for marketing.

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