Change & Grow is an online training course to help develop and improve your business activities. Workshops on Marketing, Leadership, Creativity & more…

The Change & Grow programme consists of three elements: a Diagnostic of the current business, Development and identification of new skills, and Delivery of putting your newly acquired skills and learning into practice. It will ultimately prepare businesses for the long-term future and the changing world around us whilst promoting sustainable growth.

What’s covered?


Diagnostic & Mentoring Support

Each business has the option to undertake a ‘diagnostic session’, which will focus on three core areas of Capacity, Connections, and Cash. After the diagnostic session, your advisor will recommend a minimum of three online workshops for you to attend.


Development – Workshops / Webinars and Mentoring

Your advisor will recommend workshops for you, but you are able to choose from any of the following sessions:


  • Leadership – injecting you and your business with positivity
  • Creativity – new approaches to problem-solving
  • The Innovative you – don’t fight the competition outthink them
  • Business Growth – Aligning your business to the growth you want
  • Sustainability – keeping the world intact
  • Building effective teams – forming, growing, and leading
  • Sales – creating a process for success
  • Marketing – right message, right place, right time
  • Financial heaven – avoiding financial hell


Follow-on sessions with your business mentor to help you continually develop your business.



Who is it for?


This programme is for residents of Tendring, for businesses of any size, at any stage, and in any sector, but would be more beneficial to existing businesses (i.e., those who have been trading for at least three months) or businesses looking to grow and diversify.

When is it?


This training course contains nine different online workshops held on Thursday’s and we encourage attendees to participate in as many workshops as possible.


Workshops are held on the following dates:


Teams – Thursday 09 June
Sales – Thursday 16 June
Marketing – Thursday 23 June
Business Growth – Thursday 30 June
Leadership – Thursday 7 July
Innovative You – Thursday 14 July

We’ve helped thousands of new businesses get started and develop. Will you be our next success story? If you would like any further information or have any questions, please contact us on 01206 548833 or email

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