James joins the Colbea board

Royal Bank of Scotland bank manager, James Dimbleby has joined the board at the Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea).

James will join Colbea board members in the delivery of support services to new and young businesses in the Colchester area. It is an ethos very close to the heart of RBS, as James explains. “We know that Colchester has a vibrant business community, with businesses starting and growing at a rapid rate. We aim to shape our service to enable these busy professionals, starting with a dedicated business team in-branch, local telephone support, and a 24-hour support service. It’s a huge frustration for business owners not to be able to access banking support when they need it, and we’re proud of the personal service we can provide.”

RBS offers two years free banking to new small businesses, and in 2016, removed arrangement and early repayment fees on loans. More recently, the bank has doubled its number of business managers and established a team of ‘Business Growth Enablers’ across the country to provide skills and guidance to businesses, with a dedicated team at its Colchester branch. The team host weekly education events for the local business community, covering topics from importing and exporting to cyber security.


“We want to be closely involved with the local community, and let them know that there is personal, dedicated banking support and services available to on their doorstep,’ says James. ‘Working with Colbea is one of the ways we hope to achieve that and I am delighted to be on the board.”