Introducing our Newest Sponsor – Voice Workshop Limited

Voice Workshop Limited, established by Debbie Winter, is a specialist training provider offering a range of continuing professional development for singing teachers, vocal coaches, music teachers, and choral conductors.

Voice Workshop

Debbie spent 20 years working as a law lecturer before deciding to take the plunge and start her own business…

“I went from a very secure job, with great prospects for promotion, and decided to go it alone. I am pleased I did it. It’s hard work, but you have freedom in terms of decision making. In your own business, you can always change something.

“Nobody else can take away from you what you’ve achieved. In a corporate world people can try to share your glory, but you get what you deserve in business. It’s incredibly hard work, and I don’t really stop, it’s 24/7. Since I started, I’ve worked longer hours than my previous job, but I’m much more energised, much less tired, and much happier. I’m also a mum, and it’s very flexible for my daughter.”

Did you have business advice or support when you were starting a business?

“No, I would have liked it. I did it the hard way!” However, the lack of early advice hasn’t stopped Debbie making a success of her business. Amongst its successes, Voice Workshop Limited is allied to the Welsh Institute of Work Based Learning and University of Wales (Trinity St David) in designing, delivering and coordinating the MA in Voice Pedagogy, which has allowed Debbie to take on an employee and a PA.

Does Debbie have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs starting a business?

“You’ve just got to go for it! And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Every day will be full of them, that’s how you learn!

Why have you chosen to support Colbea? And how does Colbea support you?

“I’m embedded within Colbea. I work from the North office (Debbie has had office space in the North Colchester Business Centre for the past year), I’m part of the Colbea group, so sponsorship seemed like a natural step. Moving forward, we’re also looking at the possibility of becoming involved in some of Colbea’s upcoming outreach work with schools and colleges and so on.

“Obviously being a trainer myself, I use the training rooms a lot. Access to the high-quality training rooms is one of the main things, plus the sense of community.”

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