Coscraft, a “national treasure” in Colchester

Storme and Pez started Coscraft – a cosplay supply store – in 2010, after becoming frustrated by the existing options available. “There simply wasn’t any shop that sold what we wanted or catered towards us. After having to go to eBay and make purchases from Chinese sellers too many times, and hearing about our friends doing the same, we decided to start a shop ourselves.” Pez explains. “We started it as a hobby alongside full time jobs. In 2013, we decided to put ourselves fully into the business, and it soon grew too large for the spare room at home.”

Soon after, early in 2014, they first came to Colbea having had no luck in their search for affordable office space. “We found that all the commercially available locations were far too big, with rents and business rates that were way above our budget. Colbea provided the perfect bridging point, and everything was set up and ready to go when we moved in, plus we used the meeting rooms on occasions. The short tenancy term meant we didn’t have to worry about being tied down by a contract, and could expand as we wanted.”

Alongside providing office space, Colbea was able to support Storm and Pez as Coscraft continued to grow, who had no previous experience running a business.

“As a small business, we tried to do a lot with the minimal amount of staff. Receiving advice and the general help from everyone at Colbea has been immensely helpful and made us feel supported. The business health check meeting with Colbea Business Advisor James Cracknell really helped bring our attention to areas we previous overlooked.”

Even with that support, starting your own business is never easy, have they had to make sacrifices to get to the point they are today? “A lot of personal time has become working hours. When you have your own business, you’re basically working all the time.”

But that hard work is worth it now Coscraft is flourishing, you only need to glance through the store’s Facebook reviews to see how highly appreciated it has already become;

“Coscraft is a national treasure for UK cosplayers”

“Love coscraft completely, brilliant quality and reasonably priced”

“Perfect perfect perfect. I’ve never been disappointed (by Coscraft)”

“I highly recommend this store to anyone”

Having built such a strong reputation, Storm and Pez are aiming to continue to grow the business steadily and have reached the point where they need to take on extra help to cope with demand. “We’ll definitely need more staff soon!”

You can find Coscraft at