Colchester Classics is Hitting All the Right Notes – A Colbea Success Story

On the 4th of January 2006, Liz Leatherdale founded Colchester Classics: a CD, LP and DVD mail order company specialising in Classical music.
With twenty years of experience in the Classical music industry – including work for the BBC – Liz puts passion at the heart of her business, addressing potential customers on the Colchester Classics website who are “Starting their love affair with music.”

Liz Leatherdale Colchester Classics
Seeking to turn her musical expertise into a potential business venture, Liz first got in contact with Colbea in the Summer of 2005 and has been looking to us for business support ever since.

Having attended her first course on Business Planning with Trevor and Helen Edwards in September of 05, Liz says that that the ways in which Colbea supported the start-up of her business are “Too many to mention”, but cites best business practice, growth and planning as just a few examples.

Speaking fondly of the first Colbea course she attended, Liz says: “Over 10 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be on a Business Training course with Trevor Edwards. I have been back to Colbea for many things and events over the years.”

Colbea Business Awards

Liz Leatherdale receiving a business award in 2006.

Nearly 12 years later, Colchester Classics has been around for over a decade. Although the business is still based upon the same principles as it was in the beginning, it now has a pop-up CD stand that visits concerts, festivals and choirs, spreading musical diversity wherever it travels.

Liz herself also offers free publicity in the form of concert previews and live/CD reviews in Essex County Standard and Colchester Daily Gazette – which are both published weekly – as well as in Essex Life and Colchester 101 – which are both published monthly. Liz is now an award-winning businesswoman and is still working to make Colchester Classics even greater than it already is. Click here to read Liz’s latest Classical Music Column for the Essex County Standard and Colchester Daily Gazette, and find out about some fabulous live music coming up near you.

Most recently, Liz attended a seminar lead by Colbea’s James Cracknell. Speaking about how attending the seminar has improved her understanding of the possible functions of LinkedIn, Liz says she found the evening “Very informative and helpful. I feel a lot clearer about immediate and long-term actions.”

When asked what Colchester Classics’ plan looks like for the next five years, Liz replies “Copying, emulating and progressing with the plans we have already achieved.”

You can find Colchester Classics at or Freephone 0800 999 6994, and to hear Liz describe what the service is all about, click here to watch her introduction to Colchester Classics.

Portrait of Liz Leatherdale, Colchester Classics & Classical Music columnist, by Jayne Lloyd

Portrait of Liz Leatherdale, Colchester Classics & Classical Music columnist, by Jayne Lloyd