Colbea with an eco friendly strategy

Colbea Goes Eco Friendly


An eco-friendly business is the act of living with intent. The ability of not harming the environment and trying to live in a harmony with it. Nowadays we all know that taking care of the environment is a must. Climate change is a growing problem that harms us and the following generations. There is no more important time than starting to be aware of how companies and industries affect the environment and understand the impact that a business has on the world around us.

Organisations can affect negatively the environment by the way they are working and designed. Office buildings can consume a large amount of electricity from air conditioners, computers, printers and photocopies. All these devices are working 24 hours per day and can have a huge impact on the environment. Moreover, offices consume a vast number of papers that are difficult to recycle.There have been different initiatives to go green in offices and companies. “The Greening of the American Work Place 2010” has shown that going green has a massive impact on the cost reduction and the increase of employers’ productivity. There are different benefits of going green at work. First, you will spread positivity and set an example for others. You will attract more customers and clients who will appreciate these initiatives. The notion of “ Nature take care of us” is no longer true. Nature will not look after us all the time. So, taking small steps through recycling and saving energy will help nature to last for longer. There are a variety of benefits of having green offices. First, becoming a paperless office cuts down the costs for your business. A survey conducted by United Technologies has shown that green offices can produce a 26% boost in the thinking power of your workforce. Second, a greener office is more pleasant for the customers and clients. The initiative of “going green” shows a positive attitude and a high level of awareness and responsibility towards the environment and the community. This would encourage more clients and customers to approach your business and be more proactive. Creating greener offices not only increase your productivity but also helps to save our planet.

How can we engage in an eco- friendly business?
Colbea is starting a new phase and a new strategy. During our refurbishment, instead of throwing away the old furniture, we have recycled most of it that can be saved and passed the rest on instead of throwing them away. Our new colours in the office reflect positive vibes and increase the workers productivity. We will make the use of 2 screens replacing the huge consumption of paper. Colbea has decided to be an eco -friendly business. Proudly, we are announcing a new refurbishment.
As the CEO Ashleigh Seymour-Rutherford said: “COLBEA has a responsibility to lead the way in the business community for social change. Applying green processes to the workplace is not just the right thing to do for our environment, it is also a smart business decision. It creates a healthy environment for employees and reduces unnecessary waste which in the modern world that we live in is an increasing burden that we all need to play a role in solving.”