BIG – A Network of Business Owners

Join Colbea’s BIG event – a monthly meeting that sits between 1:1 mentoring  and one to many workshops. Each month we build an invaluable library of business skills on essential business topics. Meet local businesses, gain confidence in networking whilst taking time to reflect upon your business among a friendly crowd. 

BIG is NOT just another business networking club, it’s much MUCH more than that!


Tuesday 14th August 7.45AM-9.30AM

Low-budget sales lead generation tactics for business growth 

Delivered by Kim Moore of strategic marketing agency KG Moore

In this session, we’ll itemise the fundamentals you need to have in place to support revenue growth for your business.  Learn about basic tactics that almost any business can use to generate new customer revenue. We’ll also touch on how to do this without being too salesy! Generating good leads means understanding the needs and interests of your target audience – helping them solve their challenges and achieve their goals.

How to join?

Come along to BIG at the North Colchester Business Centre, 340 The Crescent, Severalls Business Park, Colchester CO4 9AD between 7.45 am and 9.30 am.

No joining fee, and an all-inclusive membership fee of only £12 per month (incl. VAT).

£144.00Click here to buy online

About BIG

We are more than another business networking group, Colbea’s Business Improvement Group is here to support you via training, education and help for your business, wherever you are on your business journey, including:

  • Interactive support to develop your business with the help of experts covering essential topics
  • Free access to Colbea Business Advisors for expert advice and mentoring
  • Support to develop your business from Colbea Sponsors
  • Members discounts on Colbea meeting and training rooms
  • Information about business start-up and personal development services available
  • Monthly business networking
  • Breakfast refreshments for BIG attendees
What our members say:
Nick Kokolski. I have been a member of BIG right from the start and I can honestly say, I don’t recall ever having come away from a meeting without something of use. I find that not only are the meetings useful, but also as I attend on a regular basis, a certain amount of networking occurs quite naturally and I have made some useful contacts.
Jenny Parrett. Would recommend to everyone that wants to accelerate their business and meet fantastic advisors. A must in business, thank you!
B.I.G. Success Story How has BIG helped you as a business owner?

BIG has helped me primarily to develop the confidence to rub shoulders with other local business owners, by demonstrating that we're all in the same boat and there is no harm or shame in being new or inexperienced. BIG has been unfailingly encouraging and supportive as well as consistently providing interesting and informative talks on every aspect of business. I feel reassured that I've covered all the bases and inspired to try new things.

What is it about BIG that you enjoy?
I love the friendliness of all the attendees and the welcoming and encouraging demeanour of the tutors and mentors. The whole event feels relaxed and unpretentious, which catalyses real interaction between the attendees, rather than simply the impersonal handing out of business cards.

If you had to stop BIG what would you do to replace it?
I would struggle to find a different networking group to fill BIG's niche. Most groups are more about acquiring as many business cards as possible and "selling" yourself to the other attendees, whereas BIG creates an environment where actual friendships and meaningful partnerships can be forged. I would not rush to attend a new networking group; I would wait to see if anything comparable was available.

Do you intend to use BIG on an on-going basis?
Yes, I have just signed up for the year, and although as a start-up business I don't have a lot (if any!) spare funds, I feel like this is an investment in my business and myself.

Anything else you would like to say about it?
Thank you for offering such a well thought out and comprehensive group tailored to the needs of small business owners and start-ups like me. I'm very grateful for the "safety net" that I feel Colbea has provided me!
Upcoming BIG Workshops