Hello Future!

18-24? Thinking about starting a business, struggling to find work, or just not sure what you want to do?
Let the Hello Future program help shape your future!


This online training course consists of 6 workshops, aimed at 18-24 years-olds in Tendring and Colchester who want to start their own business or learn skills to help them get a job.You may benefit from this course if you: have left education or an apprenticeship and are finding it difficult to move on, have been made redundant or lost your job for other reasons, are in a job which pays the bills, but you don’t feel it’s taking you forward.



The internet and a device with a camera (laptop, tablet etc). You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience for this online training programme. A workbook will be provided to all participants outlining course expectations, content, focus and pre-course activity/preparation.


Your commitment will be to:

  • Attend six training sessions and a one-to-one advisor session.
  • Interact with your co-participants and lead trainer.
  • Be prepared to put questions to the guest speakers.
  • Complete short ‘homework’ activities and use the course resources to develop your next steps.



We will identify your strengths and capabilities, build your confidence, support you to find the right opportunities, and prepare you to be a successful candidate in business or employment.


Entrepreneur or employee? Either way, finding your ideal role can be a daunting process. This training is delivered by real people; business owners and employees, sharing real experiences, tips, hints, and resources to support you taking your next step to successful entrepreneurship or employment.


The full course will:

  • Help you understand the differences and commonalities between running your own business and employment.
  • Work through some exercises to identify the best route for you at this point in your life.
  • Give you tools and strategies to prepare you for your next steps.
  • Give you the opportunity to try out your networking skills in a safe environment with a group of people making similar decisions.

Workshop Information

Session 1: Introduction – What is Entrepreneurship and what is Employability?
Common factors/differences.


Session 2: Who are you? What are your strengths and transferable
skills? Guest Recruitment Specialist.


Session 3: Identity, suitability, and interest. CV/cover letter or proposal practice.
Tailoring your approach to an opportunity. Guest Project Manager.


Session 4: Appearance, Attitude and Approach – Your USP will make the
difference. Guest Marketing Specialist.


Session 5: Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills – Word/excel/social media,
organisation and record keeping. Guest Administrator.


Session 6: Networking/building relationships and trust – Finding opportunities.
Guest Employer/Contract Manager.


Short activities will be set for homework after each session and research and resources will be available for each
participant. These activities will help the trainers offer feedback and refine the focus of the one-to-one sessions.

Other information will be available and distributed during sessions to support self-lead further development.

      Frin Arnold

      Entrepreneurial Learning Community

      Frin’s experience in the creative sector is broad, covering self-employment, short term contracts and longer term employed positions within larger creative businesses.


      Frin’s experience spans – project management, commercial print services, public arts funding and facilitation, textile arts and manufacturing, interior design, learning environments, mentoring, professional arts practice.

      Work in Higher Education?

      If this course would be of interest to contacts within Higher Education organisations or other community/Adult Learning centres in Tendring, please get in touch with us to see if we could deliver this course to 18-24 year-olds in your network.

          Call 01206 489352 or contact us here.

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