Colchester Business Training Courses

Colbea runs a variety of specific business training courses; all designed to help you at every stage of your business journey. Our training courses are hands-on, interactive, and will help you take proactive steps towards business success. Some of our business training courses and events cover topics including:

• Starting a business
• Marketing
• Finances and Accounting
• Legal Trading (e.g insurance, tax, national insurance)
• Creating a business plan
• Accessing funding

Colbea offers business courses specific for pre-start, start-up, new businesses, and even Women in Business.

See below to find the best suited upcoming course for you and your business, and take a look at our useful Business Tips.


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Opening hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday
Two Colchester locations which are detailed below:
Colbea Central Colchester Business Centre - 01206 548 833
Colbea North Colchester Business Centre - 01206 848 420