Business Tips

Business tips and advice can help to steer your business in the right direction from the start and develop a growing business.

Below are a series of articles on How to…Develop your Business, just click on one of the links to understand how you could help your new business grow.

Business Tips

Do you need funds? How do you approach the bank? Do you need a business plan?

Do I really need the money?

Many businesses start life without investment from anyone other than the owner and even then, the investment amount is small. Starting out on a shoestring can have huge advantages: you won’t have a debt to repay, you won’t have to answer to an investor, and the profits of the business will be yours to reinvest. Don’t automatically assume that you need investment at the point of start-up; many entrepreneurs have started out with next to nothing and have gone on to be very successful. More important are factors such as your business idea, the amount of time you put into your new venture, your dedication and support from your family.

Costs can be reduced by keeping your operation simple at the start. Ask yourself if you could work from home or do your own book-keeping instead of employing a book-keeper. There is a wealth of information on the internet about tax, VAT and PAYE and, if you are prepared to do a little hard work, this aspect of business management can take far less time than you had anticipated or feared. Conversely, not getting the correct tax advice can prove costly so perhaps arranging a free consultation with a local accountant could prove beneficial.


Make a Winning Pitch!

From pitching for business funds to selling your product or service to buyers, if you run a business you will, at some point, have to enter a “Dragon’s Den”. The following tips will help you slay your dragon with a winning pitch!


Making the Right Start – Business Incubation Centres

In harsh economic times small businesses face many challenges. Most will be experiencing trading difficulties for the first time in their history, and entrepreneurs brave enough to begin a business in this climate will need advice and support from all quarters if they are to survive.


Choose Your First Premises

Choosing your first business premises can be like searching for a new home and unfortunately it can be just as stressful! Here are a few ideas to help make your search a bit easier.


Creating a Winning Business Plan

You’ve got a business idea, but have never run a business before and want to turn it in to a reality. A business plan is the next step you should take.


Weathering the Economic Storms

The economic cycle has turned in the last year, and business life has changed. And for entrepreneurs above all, the environment seems harsher.


Executive Redundancies – A Way Forward

Redundancy can strike anyone at any time, but perhaps the effects are more intense for those in senior executive roles. They may not have the financial constraints of a hand to mouth existence, but they face a difficult task in getting back into the workplace at a similar level, especially at a time of economic slow down. As a general rule, the higher up the career ladder you are the fewer the posts available and the less often they become vacant.


How to…Make the Most of Your Advisers!

Starting up a business can be a worrying and lonely prospect, but fear not a team of advisers can help to make the experience much easier for you.


Making the Figures Add Up – Accountants

A guide for start-up, new and established businesses on building a successful working relationship with your accountant.


Choose the Right Solicitor?

Over 75% of existing businesses have faced litigation in the last 12 months, so choosing the right solicitor for your business could be one of the most important decisions you make.


Marketing Your Business Effectively

The first question you need to ask is – What is Marketing?


Evaluating Your Business Idea – Market Research!

The first of many questions you will need to ask yourself, and the answer – Market Research!


Conquering the Competition with Knowledge?

Building a successful business is dependent on having an in depth knowledge of your market, customers, product/service and most importantly your competition!


Promoting Your Business on a Tight Budget

There are numerous marketing tools that are available to promote your business, and yes you can get the experts in, but you can also do a lot yourself.


Writing Successful Press Releases

First the bad news! Producing a press release does not guarantee coverage of your business story in the media. Now the good news! You can easily produce a press release at no cost to yourself except your time, by just taking the following 8 easy steps to create a potentially successful press release.