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If you are new to social media, lack confidence in the platforms, or are overwhelmed with what you should be doing, you could benefit from a social media review.



With so much advice and guidance online, it’s difficult to know where to start. And it’s particularly hard to be objective about your own business, even when your results are telling you that your social platforms could be working harder.



A social media review will find the things that are letting your social media down, but will also shine a light on where you are doing just fine! It’s not all bad news.



Are you using the right social media platforms?

Finding time to collate written and visual content for social media, then scheduling and posting updates, can be a challenge for any business. It’s a time-consuming task, especially when you’re reaching out on multiple social media platforms.



Perhaps it’s not right for your business to be on every platform. Take a look at where your audience hangs out and what they are searching for. It will help define which social media platforms to concentrate on. It might be more appropriate for your business to hone in on a more specific market with content. Look at your platforms and consider which ones are working for you. If one platform is taking more work and yielding little return, consider shutting it down.



Likewise, focus on platforms which you are currently not using or underusing. Is it time for you to improve your game on LinkedIn, or start an Instagram Business Account?



There’s no hard and fast way to find the answers by searching online, where you should be on social media is down to your unique offer and audience.



Is your branding helping to build your business on social media?

Your brand is one of your most important assets. It sets you apart from your competitors and makes you identifiable. That’s why it’s important to check that your branding is being used consistently across all your social media channels and you are not sending out mixed messages about your business.



Take each of your accounts by turn and check that your branding is used consistently across your social media platforms. Focus on your imagery, tone of voice (more about this later), hashtags and keywords and check that any images are the correct dimensions for each specific platform.



Look at your bio and description details and optimise them to keep on brand. For instance, Instagram provides 150 characters within the bio details. Make those characters work extra hard to showcase your brand.



Could your #hashtags work harder?

Hashtags are an essential part of social media marketing. They make content discoverable and increase awareness, expanding your reach. Getting the right mix of hashtags is a key element in growing your audience.



How you approach using hashtags will depend on the social media platform you are using. In most cases, less is more. Although Instagram will accept up to 30 hashtags, recent advice suggests using 11 for optimal engagement. The same is true for the other platforms, with Facebook and Twitter favouring two and LinkedIn suggesting three to five per post. Take a look at the number of hashtags you are using within your posts – are you going overboard or keeping within the accepted limits?



Instagram is a good place to start when it comes to reviewing your use of hashtags, as it’s where the majority of hashtags are used. The key is finding the right ones that fit your business and specific posts. A good mix is to use high and low performing hashtags with niche and location based hashtags, (if applicable to your business). And it’s never a bad thing to take a look at what your competition is doing.

Are you keeping up with trending hashtags, could you be using your own branded hashtags and are you researching the best hashtags for your sector? By reviewing your use of hashtags, you’ll be able to identify if they could be working harder for you – reaching a larger audience to build your brand.



Do your posts add value?

If you want to see value in your results, you’ve got to be prepared to add value to your content, and this means investing in both a strategy and work hours. Because it’s a complete time waste if your social media posts aren’t adding value. Not just for you, but for your audience, who will become disengaged and lose trust in your brand. Adding value to your social media posts will increase engagement, increase your audience and improve your brand’s reputation.



A review of your content to see what is and isn’t working, will help you move forward with understanding where you are succeeding and what needs improving. Which posts have received the most likes, comments, shares or views? Do photos perform better than videos, and do the same images perform as well on Facebook as they do on Instagram? Pull out your top three top performing posts on each platform. Can you detect a pattern in what is popular? On the backflip, which of your posts have been a flop – you can learn a good lesson from them.



Part of offering value is understanding what your customer wants to know, and then giving them that information in a variety of different formats.



Are you telling them how you can help them, what benefits you bring, and why they should choose you over the competition, and most importantly, what are you like to work with? In these instances there are options for a mix of content styles, including case studies, testimonials, behind the scenes images and personality videos.



Are you talking the right language?

How does your tone and language measure up? It’s one phrase we tend to have on repeat when it comes to branding, but consistency is key. Being able to define a personality and tone of voice that represents your business across all of your social media platforms, and your wider marketing communications, will help you strengthen your brand and make your message stronger.



Ask yourself, if your brand was a personality who would it be and what qualities would you associate with it? Is it casual and fun loving, stylish and savvy, or confident and serious? This will help you discover a tone for your communications. At Uproar Creative, we like to think that we’re friendly, and fun to work with!



Our firm belief is to write like we talk. We avoid convoluted words (apart from here) and keep the user’s journey fluid, by using simple and digestible copy. Almost, as though we were having a chat. Whatever tone you decide on for your business it needs to be consistent across your social media platforms.



By following our five-step approach you’ll be on your way to acing your game on social media.



Do you need a hand with a social media audit? Find out more.