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Are you considering a new office space?

Helpful tips for entrepreneurs taking steps towards their first office

Have you recently started up a business of your own? Are you considering moving into your first office space? This is an exciting step in your entrepreneurial career – but selecting the perfect space for your business can sometimes be a challenging task. The space that you choose can be a huge factor in several other important decisions which will affect your business, such as funding, accessibility, functionality etc. Below we have listed some advice on important factors that need to be thought about when looking your first office.


1.  Location, location, location!

The location of your businesses new office is one of the most important aspects. If you plan to have your office space located in the middle of a city centre or in a high-end area, it is possible you could attract customers who have a higher spending power, but this may mean paying higher leasing or rental costs when comparing to less of a high-end area. If you are expecting clients or stakeholders to be visiting regularly, you may want to consider how the area of your new office will affect your reputation – It’s never a bad idea to have an office in a safe and clean area. Depending on the nature of your business, its important to consider all these factors and make the most suitable and sensible decision.


2. Surrounding links, transport and amenities 

The accessibility of your new office ties in with the importance of the location. Here are some factors you will need to consider.

  • Are there good public transportation links for yourself, employees and clients?
  • Is there good local amenities nearby? (shops, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.)
  • Will it be easy for clients to visit, or for you to visit your clients?
  • Is there good access to major roadways?
  • Will you need parking for yourself, employees and clients?        


3.  Prioritising space and facilities

Before you start looking for an office, you will need to estimate how much space you need. Assess your current number of employees, as well as any plans to grow. This will help you determine the amount of desk space you require as well as space for anything else you need to run your office. Generally, you’ll need around 120 sq. ft. per employee. You will also need to consider what facilities the space is able to offer (for example, IT cabling, moving and installation, telephone systems, kitchen facilities, accessible toilets, WiFi, mailbox, storage etc.). Facilities needed will again depend on the nature of your business and your personal requirements, but it is very easy to forget something important.


4.  Budgeting and not breaking the bank!

Your budget is one of the most important factors to think about when looking for an office and can dramatically affect where you look for spaces, organising moving everything into the office and how you are going to set up yourself and/or your team with the appropriate equipment. It’s easy to lose track of your budgeting by focusing on the big things such as rent, bills and initial moving costs. You will have to consider the financial effect of smaller things such as printing stationery for your new address, parking and fuel costs, setting up technology, furniture and buying new equipment. You will need to be honest with yourself and the books on what you can and can’t afford and be careful when dividing your budget.


5. Balancing your home and work life 

The benefits of moving into your own office rather than running your business from home can be endless. Dividing your home from work life can not only give you an opportunity to encourage a healthier lifestyle, it can also make a difference in your quality of life and help you to build a positive working environment. Having an office to commute to can help you and your employees have stronger communication as well as developing teamwork skills, helping you to maintain punctuality and be highly motivated within your workplace. Not only this but having an office address for your business, for your mail and meetings will help you to appear more professional and reliable towards clients, which will always have a positive impact on your business and its reputation.


Colbea’s Business Centres provide a supportive business environment and community, from two ideal Colchester locations. Enjoy the benefits of high-quality business premises without the financial commitment to a long lease contract. We offer a fully serviced office space, inclusive business mentoring, high tech IT support, reception service, post handling and free meeting room hire each month worth £120.

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