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We’ve been in lockdown for several weeks now and I’ve got into a pretty good routine. Dare I say it, I might even be enjoying it. There’s still a lot of uncertainty and speculation about when “normal service” will resume and how this will be implemented and what it will look like. Let’s just take it one day / boxset at a time.



Maybe you’ve been furloughed and you’re totally bored. Maybe you’re home schooling and need a welcome distraction (we’re still on fractions over here ). Maybe you’re working full time from home or are a keyworker. Perhaps a combination of all those things and more. Everyone is having a different experience during lockdown, but if you’ve completed Netflix and seen every meme and are still bored, what else could you do?



1. Learn something new: a language, an instrument, a new skill? There are lots of free online learning opportunities available. The Department for Education have launched The Skills Toolkit which gives you access to free digital and numeracy courses from beginner to advanced.

2. De-clutter:
a. Your wardrobe – clothes you haven’t worn for a decade and probably don’t fit
b. Emails – start a sensible filing system?
c. Reorganise ‘the drawer’ in the kitchen that contains everything from a Pringles lid to a button you are fairly sure must have come from something you own but doesn’t match anything, and all the takeaway menus you’ve ever received.

3. Exercise: You have an hour a day to officially go outside. Have a brisk walk and get your heart rate up. There are plenty of free exercise classes online which you can do at any level with little or no equipment. Tone up those abs after all the binge-eating so you don’t have to throw out the clothes you’ve sorted out (see 2, above).

4. Home cooking: Good to help reduce food wastage with meal planning, batch cooking and healthy eating, and getting creative with the ingredients you have in the cupboard. Not good for the waistline if, like me, you only seem to be making cakes and biscuits. #starbaker.

5. Gardening: Yes, great for those who have a garden/balcony/window box but what if you live in a flat with no outside space? Indoor plants and herbs! Even something as simple as having a plant on your desk can reduce stress and make you feel more energised.

Lockdown might have given you the opportunity to take the time to reassess your life, where it’s going and your priorities. Career change? House move? Now’s the time to do some research. It might have enabled you to enjoy time with your family. It might have given you the catalyst to stop procrastinating.

Failing that, by the time you’ve finished reading this there will probably be a new series to stream.