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Jeanette Anderton, Ardleigh

Quest Upholstery – Your furniture…Unique to You


Why did you decide to start your business?  

“I love interior design. I am constantly redecorating and restoring old furniture either back to its former beauty or putting a new spin on it to make it the focal point of a room. My first attempt at upholstery was a vintage club chair, which prompted me to attend a training course to learn some new skills. I never intended this to be a new career. I was a very successful business woman in the medical industry, but my passion for upholstery overtook my passion for medical sales, I have now retrained as an upholsterer and gained the AMUSF qualifications in traditional and modern upholstery so I can make my passion my job.”


Quest Upholstery IM4S


Tell us about your business

“We are living in a throwaway society, always trying to keep up with the Jones’s, sacrificing quality over style. In a world where recycling is important and upcycling is fashionable you no longer need to sacrifice quality over style! Why follow the Jones’s when you can stand out by re-designing your high-quality furniture and create a real show stopper?


“At Quest Upholstery we care about your treasured furniture, whether its modern, retro, vintage or antique we have a solution for you. We can sensitively re-upholster your antique furniture using techniques and materials in keeping with the era or bring your family heirloom into the 20th century with the use of modern materials, some striking fabrics and fun design.”


The IM4S course so far

“Attending the In the Market for Success course has been a huge learning curve! It’s helped me to focus on the priorities and stop trying to be everything. The course providers are very supportive and always on hand to answer any questions, and I have lots! If I didn’t attend this course, I would still be waiting for the confidence to just get on with it. Stop the self-doubt – I am amazing!”

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