Carol Hennahane – Cararty

CARARTY – Designer Made Glass Jewellery

Why did you decide to start your business?  

“Since achieving my Honours Degree in Art & Design, my passion has been designing and making Glass. I teach Stained Glass, Kiln-formed Glass and Jewellery making at Adult Community Learning Centres throughout North Essex. Learning about and creating with glass has brought me so much pleasure, and I am happy when I am sharing this joy with students. Having finally finished renovating my current home I am now eager to do more of what I love doing, which is designing and making glass jewellery.”


Carol Hennahane Cararty


Tell us about your business

“Using only the finest quality Italian glass, often including precious metals to produce vibrant colours, the beads are carefully crafted in the flame and then cooled slowly in a digitally controlled kiln to ensure their strength.


“The inspiration for my work is derived from the study of fragile environmental boundaries in which life is sustained, and I love working through my creative process using the gorgeous palate of colours that are available in glass.


“I enjoy making all forms of body adornment from tiaras to toe rings and can work with you to design the perfect piece, whether for yourself, a special occasion or gift. I also like to create stained glass windows. I make textured surfaces, leaded in the traditional way, which bend the light entering the window. I like to think of stained glass panels as “jewellery for the house or garden”.


The IM4S course so far

“From the very start of the course, we were guided through all the scary bits like financial planning, tax and marketing.  I have never felt so enthusiastic about or inspired to produce a spreadsheet!  I think having a course especially for women gave me the space to “ask the silly questions”.  It was great to find out about the other ladies’ aspirations, and we quickly bonded as a friendly and supportive group.”

Facebook: @Carol Hennahane

Tel: 07790 302668